Taoist Healing Arts: Tai Chi

Taught by

Tai Chi Instructor

Wayne Ripley

Every Thursday 10:00 a.m. And 6:30 p.m.

Admission Fee


Wayne Ripley: Bio

For over 35 years, our instructor, Wayne Ripley, has been training daily in the Nei-Jya; the soft, internal martial arts of China. Wayne has been very fortunate to have studied face-to-face with four strong, recognized, mainstream masters. He honors them daily by distributing their gifts unchanged. 


When we step onto the Chinese path-of-the-body, we begin with the same three treasures...our body...our breath...and the intent to nurture and develop ourselves. As we internalize, physically embody, the principles of the Taoist Healing Arts, these same three treasures begin to change at once. Our body becomes stronger, more balanced, and able to handle more energy. Our emotions also move toward balance, bestowing physical and social gifts. Our intent becomes more focused and connected to the macrocosm, the world outside our skins. We gain a sense of our true nature, and with it, our place in nature.  

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