by Lesely Fernow July 2020

During this time, Central Hall Commons (CHC) is re-imagining how we can bring people together to build community and restore health and vitality. In an effort to relieve stress and bring healing, CHC is undertaking a weekly virtual offering to our community called “Mindful Monday” which will include a short written “thought for the week” about living mindfully in this time accompanied by a live 15 minute guided mindfulness session called “Spirit Pause”, which will also be available on demand as a YouTube video on our website or Facebook page.

Spirit Pause is an opportunity for people to spend 15 minutes a week deeply reflecting on our moment-to-moment experience and connecting with each other by being together in a spirit of mindful contemplation. In this way we can all move more easily through our difficult days, by feeling, and truly knowing in our inner being that we are all in this together and that our deep nature is an invisible bond we all share as human beings.

Spirit Pause is not religious, although some will find it like prayer. It is not a cult. We are not gurus. It is an open offering to join us for just a few minutes during your day to take time totally for yourself, to allow yourself to be truly human, to feel, to let go of stress, obligation and worry, by just being.


Spirit Pause is for anyone: workers needing to work even when they are scared of getting sick; employers or business owners who are struggling with economic crisis and are navigating the challenges of reopening their business vs risking the health of their employees or the public; people who need a small break from routine or constant bombardment of bad news to improve focus and reduce stress; mothers and fathers who are trying to protect their families from an invisible but deadly illness, and who must work from home while trying to cope with children who are restless, scared and tired of being cooped up, doctors, nurses, other caregivers who are experiencing fear and unimaginable stress, people who are hungry, tired, scared, lonely, bored; children who are missing their friends and worried about their families. ANYONE.


Spirit Pause will offer a mindfulness session for 15 minutes every Monday morning from 8:30-8:45 on Facebook live. This session will be recorded and will be available for on demand listening later if the time is inconvenient.

When you enter the space we ask you to get into a comfortable position sitting, standing or even lying. We have found mindfulness to be easier if you try to create a small space or ritual around the practice: use a special chair, a cushion, a corner of the room, have a small candle or image, or simply use a brief “entry” ritual such as two or three deep breaths with your eyes closed to signal to your body your intention. Later, your body will recall this if you need to take a “spirit break” in the middle of another moment in your day.

Each mindfulness session will be different and guided by an experienced meditator. Some may feel more useful to you than others. You are under no obligation to attend, but we hope you will find yourself drawn to come often, to center yourself and to help you to live through this difficult time knowing that we are truly all in this together. This is our gift to you.

Central Hall Commons

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