Fitness and Recreation in the Highlands Region

Physical activity and recreation are easy and available in our region EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK and for all capabilities!  Some options are free and independent, others are with organizations or groups.  Follow the links to find out your passion, but...

                     DO IT NOW!!

You can change how you think, feel and act when you are older simply by changing how you think, feel and act now, geriatrics experts say.  Staying healthy, fit and active are the keys to successful aging.

Physical exercise has been proven to discourage declines in health and fitness.  Join the growing number of seniors who are actively demonstrating that excercise helps keep a body strong and on the go.

Physical fitness and exercise


Healthy aging requires strong muscles and bones and a healthy cardiovascular system. Regular aerobic exercise, appropriate weight lifting and gym exercises, and swimming are excellent ways to maintain health, and they are FUN.  There are many regional programs and classes with trained instructors to provide safety for all fitness and age levels.

                                 TAI CHI

People practice tai chi for various health-related purposes, such as:
•    For benefits associated with low-impact, weight-bearing,
aerobic exercise
•    To improve physical condition, muscle strength, coordination, and flexibility
•    To improve balance and decrease the risk of falls, especially in elderly people
•    To
ease pain and stiffness—for example, from osteoarthritis
•    To
improve sleep
•    For overall wellness.

Reaching the “golden years” of life doesn’t mean having to slow down.  
As we age we have a natural tendency to slow down. But we must resist that urge in order to keep ourselves healthy. Staying active will combat the issues that come with a sedentary lifestyle, including loss of flexibility and osteoporosis.  

Practicing yoga can help reduce the effects of many chronic illnesses and conditions. It’s a great way to relieve stress, both mentally and physically, alleviate joint pain and stiffness and even help lower blood pressure. 

Local opportunities to learn more:  




Walk for vitality!

Walking is great for longevity, brain health, sleep and mood.  

Find out more:

There are many trails in the Highlands Region, neighborhoods and walking paths.  Walking is best done with a "buddy".   Join a walking club, or grab your grandchildren, and just do it!

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